Why Zwift group rides are AWESOME!

Posted on Oct 24, 2019

Last night I joined the SAS sub 2.5 w/kg Club ride on Zwift.

SAS is an Australian cycling club, based in Sydney, that runs events throughout the week on Zwift, many are in the Australian evening but this one was right at the sweet spot of 7:45 pm in the UK when the kids are asleep. That is a win.

I had an early drop out in my signal which meant a few minutes literally in the red (see the chart at the bottom of the picture above at the left) to catch back on. Then I kept well in the group for a couple of laps, including a PR in the sprint. Wahoo!

Just after the second sprint however I was cooked and couldn’t keep on the wheel, a gap quickly opened up and I was in no mans land by myself and that’s when the magic happened. I caught a lady from Holland called Sonya and a Swedish man called Allan. It then became an awesome unit, doing our own little TT to the finish, taking turns on the front throughout Watopia until the finish.

It was truly a lot of fun to cycle with people from around the world while at home. Although I wish Zwift had a way to talk to other people without using something like Discord, just as you would chat to the random friends you make as you ride around in real life.